4 Things to Pay Attention to as We Reopen Our Churches

Whether partially or completely, churches and religious groups are starting to meet again across the country. More staff members are coming back to the office, and outside...

How We Overthink Following the Will of God

God's will is not as mysterious as we make it out to be.

10 Things Church Leaders Are REALLY Thinking Right Now

As much as you wish things were getting easier in church leadership, they don’t appear to be heading in that direction. If anything, things are more complicated than...

Would Jesus Say ‘Black Lives Matter’?

With the death of George Floyd, another black life has been taken in cold blood. And once again, there is lament and protest, but we must ask...

The Virus and the Church

How church leaders responded during the early stages of the pandemic.

Karen Swallow Prior: The Truth and The Cross—Part 1

The apostle Paul wrote, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”...

Karen Swallow Prior: Engaging Culture With Truth and Love—Part 2

We need to redeem the ways we interact with each other.

6 Tips to Plan a Memorable Summer With Your Kids

Summer is here and yet, many of us feel like we have already had summer because our kids have been home from...

Echo Park Reborn

Both Echo Park and Foursquare have experienced not just a revitalization, but reconciliation and restoration.

Race and the Gospel: Is Justice Part of the Discussion?—Part 1

“Surely the Good News of Jesus Has Something to Say to the Greatest Historic Injustice of the Last 500 Years.”


Virus Protection Resources for Your Church

Outreach, Inc., has the virus-prevention tools you need to keep your church safe.

Fall 2020 New Bible Release Roundup

New Bibles releasing late summer and into fall offer study and preaching resources that dig deep into God’s Word. Here are a...

The Joy and Crown of Pastoral Ministry

Excerpted FromBefore We ForgetEdited by Jonathon Woodyard and Nathan Millican First Thessalonians 1–3 is a passage that touches on the joys of pastoral...