afghanistani believers

Interceding for Afghan Believers

The Both-And Prayers I’m Praying for My Brothers and Sisters

What We Lose When We Don’t Forgive

7 Things an Unforgiving Heart Costs Us

Why Do We Cry?

The Spiritual Benefits of Surrendering to Tears

How to Champion a Multiethnic Church

Seeking to build a multiethnic church in one of the most racially divided cities in the world

Mark Batterson: Dwelling in Possibility

Through civility, service and innovation the church faces one of its greatest opportunities.

Peyton Jones: Reimagining Church Planting—Part 1

“I had mistaken church starting for church planting. And that distinction made all the difference.”

Peyton Jones: Empowering Every Believer—Part 2

“If ministry really became about discipleship, that would transform everything about how we truly plant.”

Building Bridges to Our Muslim Neighbors

Neighborly Faith is encouraging dinner and dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

Salt Water, Clean Water, Living Water

Creative reproducing church provides water as it plants new churches.

All About the People: Bayside Community Church

Bayside Church is focused on helping everyone connect relationally.


Perspectives on Miracles

What Is a Miracle, Anyway?

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Preaching

Preach to make Christ’s name known, not our name known

Research: Americans Most Want to Avoid Fear and Anxiety

An Opportunity to Share the Hope of Christ
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