christian encore

Jesus’ Answer to the Christian Encore Problem

We learn more and more about Jesus as we follow, as we go, but only as we go.

Overcoming Fear of Evangelism

The courage to share our faith comes from God, not ourselves.
when people leave

What to Do When People Leave Your Church

5 tips to ease the pain of losing those in whom you’ve invested
encourage a fellow leader

5 Ways to Encourage a Fellow Leader

How can we lift up one another in this challenging time of ministry?

Jeremiah Johnston: Becoming a Christian Thinker

The new pastor of apologetics at Prestonwood Baptist his mission to give believers and nonbelievers alike a foundation in the faith.

Tom Nelson: The Shepherding Leader

“One of the biggest things you can look for in a shepherd leader is that they are led well by the Good Shepherd.”

Raising Up Young Leaders: Riverview Church

Riverview Church stays strong with a healthy culture of succession.

Pastoral Humility: The Bridge Church

Transparent leadership creates a come-as-you-are environment at The Bridge.

Delivering Hope: Fuel Church

Fuel Church works to connect addicts with help.


Exploring Faith and Liberty

Philadelphia museum traces the role of faith in our nation’s founding

5 Ways to Help Teens Develop Good Bible Study Habits

Reading God’s Word is not a chore, a punishment or a means to an end. It is a way of growing in our relationship with our heavenly Father, a way of knowing him.

Church Keywords: Create a Digital Impact With Your Sermons

3 Simple Steps to Adding Keywords to Your Sermons