How Can I Keep Trusting God If He Hasn’t Answered My Deepest Prayers?

We impoverish God in our minds when we say there must be answers to our prayers on the material plane; the biggest answers to our prayers are in the realm of the unseen.

Trust: The Character of a Great Leader

In a post-pandemic world, trust is more important than ever. Build trust, and you can build a great team.

4 Ways Churches Can Embrace Refugees

The annual ceiling for refugee admissions to America is likely to be raised. Are we ready to serve them?

Benefits of Being Physically Active

Over the course of a few months, you can go from couch potato to pastor who has better health, more energy, and greater strength to tackle everything that God has called you to. Strive for that.

Jon Acuff: Don’t Overthink It — Part 2

“If you want a kind 16-year-old, then teach a six-year-old kindness, and then give them 10 years to practice.”

Jon Acuff: Don’t Overthink It — Part 1

“As someone who felt that he buried his talents for a long time, I now go out of my way to help other people grab a shovel.”

Intentionality Is Key

We’re very intentional about being welcoming and friendly. I tell people on Sunday mornings at the end of the services, “If you’re our guest, I’d like to meet you.” And so I go to the hospitality room and meet people every week.

Take Hold of the Vision

We’re trying to think outside the walls. How can we engage missionally? How can we bring church to where people are, and not be thinking constantly about how we’re going to get them here?

Pampered With a Purpose

“We wanted to do something for them that would encourage them to relax and take a moment for themselves,” says Cornwell. “Moms, in general, wear so many hats, but single moms have to wear every hat.”

Small But Mighty

After seeing the toll the pandemic had taken on medical workers, he wished his own church could replicate the outreach, but they didn’t have the resources to take it on alone.


The Pastor and Enduring

So how do you know if you’re running well—or even running in the right direction? The answer to that may look different depending on how far along you are in your pastoral course.

Get Rooted Where You Serve

Sometimes, a leader has to survive the moment, buy time to survey the surroundings, and figure out what to do next.

5 Ways the Enemy Worms His Way Into Your Marriage

Promoting a false prosperity gospel. It’s happening all over the world. And, it affects relationships. A gospel that promotes health and wealth also promotes self-centeredness and worldly living.