How I ‘CRAFT’ My Sermons

It’s true that Saddleback has gained attention because of its growth over the decades, but I don’t want our church to grow just to add to our...

Helping Third Culture Kids Adjust to Reentry

Third culture kid teens are resilient, resourceful, clever, creative and flexible. For their entire lives they have not only practiced but also excelled at adapting to new...

How to Love Other Christians When We Don’t Agree

As a second generation Filipino-American I am very aware of my “otherness”—whether it’s at church on Sunday which includes a 30-minute worship set with a beautiful LED...

13 Common Mistakes Made When Looking for a New Ministry Role

Most of us change places of ministry during our career. I realize, of course, that making changes now during COVID may seem unwise, but below are 13...

Stephen Witmer: Big Gospel, Small Places—Part 1

Ministering in small towns is neither idyllic nor dull. It is real life.

Stephen Witmer: A Vision for Small-Town Ministry—Part 2

We should want bigger and faster more and need it less.

Stay Salt: A Conversation With Rebecca Manley Pippert

When I wrote Out of the Saltshaker 40 years ago, it was such a different world. What’s changed today? Well, we’re dealing...

New Safety Signage Floor Stickers Available

Direct Visitors Safely Around Your Church

6 Tips to Plan a Memorable Summer With Your Kids

Summer is here and yet, many of us feel like we have already had summer because our kids have been home from...

Echo Park Reborn

Both Echo Park and Foursquare have experienced not just a revitalization, but reconciliation and restoration.


Training a Worship Volunteer to Be a Worship Leader

Imagine this scene. It’s Sunday morning. You’re somewhere in the congregation, maybe four or five rows back. You’re singing to the Lord...

Nona Jones: From Social Media to Social Ministry

A Guide to Digital Discipleship (Zondervan Reflective)

Planning Your Facebook Campus

Excerpted FromFrom Social Media to Social MinistryBy Nona Jones As an executive and entrepreneur, I believe sustained success starts with a clearly defined...