Tim Lucas: Reaching the ‘Dones’—Part 1

The message is the same, but the methods must change.

Tim Lucas: Show, Then Tell—Part 2

People want to belong before they believe.

Jeff Bogue: ‘The Church Is a Spiritual Entity’

“If servanthood is beneath you, leadership is above you.”

Aaron Burke: ‘Jesus Is Still Wildly Popular’

“It’s consistency that makes us most like Christ.”

Brian Tome: From Boys to Men—Part 1

Five things that separate the men from the boys.

Brian Tome: Challenging Men to Engage in Their Lives—Part 2

What are we doing to get men actually engaged in their lives?

Mark Batterson: Blessed to Be a Blessing

Jesus led with blessing others.

How We Innovate

A Conversation With Carey Nieuwhof

Adam Bailie: ‘Ministry Moves in Seasons’

“The best spiritual leadership is servant leadership that seeks to give away what has been entrusted and seeks to mobilize the leadership gifts in others.”

Chip Bennett: ‘Stay in Your Lane’

“The more we can keep the main thing the main thing, the larger the net becomes for our opportunities to see real and lasting change.”