Myron Pierce: Hope Multiplier — Part 2

“God repurposed my experiences for his work in an urban context.”

Myron Pierce: Hope Multiplier — Part 1

“We have to hone in on some of these disciplines that can be helpful to engage people, advance the kingdom and multiply churches.”

Bryan Loritts: Building Bridges—Part 2

“Our sanctuaries reflect our dinner tables. So if you want a diverse sanctuary, then you have to have hundreds of diverse dinner tables.”

Bryan Loritts: Diversity Is Not a Fringe Issue—Part 1

“You have to construct a philosophy of ministry where you show people that diversity and reconciliation aren’t fringe issues, but that they’re tethered to the gospel.”

Jason Strand: Stepping Into and Leading a Whirlwind—Part 2

“I want people to know that I'm a real person just like them, that I’m not up here, and they're down there.”

Jason Strand: Stepping Into and Leading a Whirlwind—Part 1

“We really focus on reaching people who are far from God. That is our mission, that is the heartbeat of our church.”

Carey Nieuwhof: Present Hope, Future Strength—Part 1

“If members of Gen Z are in church, they’re very passionate. So perhaps we will see a spiritual renaissance in the next generation.”

Carey Nieuwhof: A Gospel Permeated Life—Part 2

"We have to see life for what it really is, to name the brutal facts but also to keep our hearts."

Ron Hutchcraft: Rescuing the Person Outside the Walls

Ron Hutchcraft has created a legacy of seeking the people most in need of spiritual rescue.

Dave Adamson: MetaChurch Ministry

Dave Adamson Is on a Mission to Help Your Church Reach It's Community Online