Sammy M. Rodriguez: Discipling the Next Generation

"I decided to give my life so that my generation will know Jesus."

Scot McKnight: A Church Culture of Goodness

What churches need is goodness.

Cody Flom: A Higher Purpose

Professional scooter rider, Cody Flom, uses his success to reach the next generation for Christ.

Craig Springer: Listening to Proclaim—Part 1

"The megachurch era of the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s, founded on a desire for anonymity, is shifting because people are longing to be known and seen."

Craig Springer: Belonging Is a Precursor for Belief—Part 2

"We need to be intentional about building spaces for people outside the faith to feel like they belong with this community, even if they don’t yet believe."

Rashawn Copeland: The Power of a Single Post

"It dazzles me to think how God truly uses the unlikely to do the unimaginable."

Shann Ray Ferch: The Reconciling Power of Servant Leadership—Part 1

Shann Ray's journey from professional basketball player to poet and professor of leadership and forgiveness studies

Shann Ray Ferch: The Path to Reconciliation—Part 2

"In a beloved relationship, the one who has done harm must come to listen and be ready to ask for mercy and commit to change in order to restore the dignity of the other group or person."

Uzuhan: Staying Curious

Uzuhan is using his hip-hop platform to create content that inspires the next generation.

Mark Batterson: Dwelling in Possibility

Through civility, service and innovation the church faces one of its greatest opportunities.