The Future Is Now

Three reasons to be hopeful about the future of the church.

Greg Stier: Gospelizing Youth Ministry—Part 1

The key to discipling teens is teaching them to share their faith.

Greg Stier: An App to Unleash Youth Evangelism—Part 2

The Life in 6 Words app helps teens and adults share the gospel through a combination of tech and relationship.

Calm, Confidence, Conviction

We are on the verge of our greatest day.

Cockroaches and the Coronavirus

The church works best when it's decentralized and missional.

Rasool Berry: Finding Jesus in Other Cultures

A cultural translator travels around the world in pursuit of Jesus.

Finding a Pastor’s State of Mind

We are witnessing the renewal of the church.

Tim Harlow: ‘Focus on the Lost Sheep’

“Christians are not always the easiest people to lead, or even be around.”

Bobby Gruenewald: Ramping Up Digital Outreach During the Outbreak

How to turn the obstacles presented by the coronavirus into ministry opportunities.

Kevin Geer: ‘Hold On to Everything Loosely’

“When church people hold on with closed fists to preferences and style, they cannot receive all that God is wanting to do.”