Michael MacKenzie on Serving Spiritual Leaders in Crisis

Why self-care matters in ministry
joby martin

Joby Martin: Creating a Launchpad for Ministry—Part 1

“We needed to see our church like an aircraft carrier—a place from which to launch people to the frontlines.”
joby martin

Joby Martin: Laying the Groundwork for Revival—Part 2

“If you were God, based on what your church is doing with the resources he’s brought your way, would you give you more?”
josh howerton

Josh Howerton: Answering the Call—Part 1

“Your job is to leverage your life for the greatest kingdom profit possible.”
josh howerton

Josh Howerton: A Hurricane of Grace—Part 2

“In eternity, our best fruit will likely be growing on other people's trees.”
building ministry

Terry W. Brooks: Building Ministry Around Needs—Part 1

“Service puts into practice what we learn when discipleship is integrated into worship.”
creativity and community

Terry W. Brooks: Creativity and Community—Part 2

“We want to prepare people to live a better life, the life that Jesus described as abundant.”

Mark Batterson: Dwelling in Possibility

Through civility, service and innovation the church faces one of its greatest opportunities.
church planting

Peyton Jones: Reimagining Church Planting—Part 1

“I had mistaken church starting for church planting. And that distinction made all the difference.”
empowering believers

Peyton Jones: Empowering Every Believer—Part 2

“If ministry really became about discipleship, that would transform everything about how we truly plant.”
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