read the scripture

What Happens When People Engage With the Bible?

Encouraging findings from the latest State of the Bible research from the American Bible Society.
christian unity

What Christian Unity Is, and What It Isn’t

What does it look like to be unified as the church even when we don’t agree on everything?
reach people in our culture

3 Counterintuitive Keys to Reaching People in Our Culture

Business as usual will not help us survive and thrive in the days to come.

8 Qualities of Successful Church Planters

These things will get your church plant off on the right foot.

Michael MacKenzie on Serving Spiritual Leaders in Crisis

Why self-care matters in ministry

Joby Martin: Creating a Launchpad for Ministry—Part 1

“We needed to see our church like an aircraft carrier—a place from which to launch people to the frontlines.”

Joby Martin: Laying the Groundwork for Revival—Part 2

“If you were God, based on what your church is doing with the resources he’s brought your way, would you give you more?”

3 Ways to Create a Welcoming Environment for Visitors

How do you welcome people who feel like outsiders?

How to Have the Best Trunk-or-Treat Ever

Here are some great ways to follow-up with community guests who attend your fall events.

Building Bridges to Our Muslim Neighbors

Neighborly Faith is encouraging dinner and dialogue between Muslims and Christians.


Mary, the Simple Girl at the Center of Everything

From all indicators, her life would not be extraordinary.

3 Ways Small Churches Help Their Community

Small churches are an important and valued part of their local context.

Most Churches Find Financial Stability in 2021

How Is the Current Economy Impacting Your Church?
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